Doll display/storage

This blog is still fairly new, but I think my love of porcelain dolls is well-documented.  I've been acquiring them through Facebook Marketplace and thrift stores, and it was getting to the point where I needed a space to store/display them.

I was inspired by a friend on Facebook who recently posted pictures of her new shelving for her own doll collection.  So what I ended up doing was purchasing a 3-shelf Mainstays bookcase from Walmart.  At only $29.97 (before taxes), I couldn't beat the price.  Assembly was required but was very easy and hardware was included.  I didn't bother installing the middle shelf so my dolls would fit.

Here are some more pictures!

The top two shelves are for strictly dolls; the bottom houses most of my Steiff animal collection.

So yes, I definitely recommend these bookcases if you're looking for shelving or a place to store books.  (And no, this is not a sponsored post.)


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