Lovely Miss Elizabeth

As noted previously, I am a thrift store junkie.  I love to thrift stuffed animals (as evidenced by my earlier post about the teddy bears) but one thing that I really haven't thrifted much are dolls.  Which is strange because I absolutely love dolls, and have ever since I was a child.  I have an Anne of Green Gables porcelain doll that I thrifted which I absolutely cherish, though.  (Maybe she'll be the subject of a future post!)

I love to browse the knick-knacks section at Value Village, and next to that section of the store are the dolls.  I wasn't really paying attention to the dolls, but I did see a flash of white on the bottom shelf which piqued my interest.  I investigated further and found this beauty.

She is simply one of the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen.  I did some research and she is an Ashton-Drake Galleries porcelain bride doll from 1994.  Her name is Elizabeth and she is from the "From This Day Forward" collection.  Phil Tumminio was the artist who designed her.  She is numbered and has Tumminio's signature on her back.  

Here are a few more pictures!

Unrelatedly (but sort of relatedly -- more on that in a minute) I had a sort of tragedy happen earlier in the week.  I purchased a President's Choice ceramic teddy bear cookie jar (yes, the same President's Choice bear as Teddy, Terri, and T.J.) but it arrived broken in the mail.  I was gutted.  I had cleared a special spot on my dresser for it to sit (I wasn't planning to actually use it for cookies).  That is the spot on my dresser where Elizabeth is now on display.  Was it meant to be?  Perhaps.  

This is definitely one of my best thrift finds.  As for the cookie jar, I'll look for another one. 


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