Dolls redux

Hello again, dear readers!  I hope your summer is going well.  As it turns out, mine has been the summer of dolls.  I have acquired so many that the shelf I posted about in my last post is no longer adequate and I had to get something bigger.

I got this shelf at Walmart, in the hardware section.  It is actually a shelf for garage storage.  I was concerned about the shelf being able to accommodate my 16 inch dolls (on the second shelf) and I have a doll collecting friend who has a similar shelf, so I asked her to measure hers so I'd have a ballpark idea of what I had to work with.  Thanks, Sharon!

This is the top shelf.  I had to do a DIY job on the little Japanese lady next to Jackie Kennedy -- one of the tuning pegs was missing on her guitar (which I probably wouldn't have noticed at all if I wasn't a huge guitar nerd).  I noticed that the peg looked much like the head of a Q-tip so I colored the head of a Q-tip with a Sharpie marker and glued it on.  Problem solved!  

Second shelf -- Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe in the front, and Gene Marshalls in the back.  I have wanted one of Franklin Mint's Marilyn vinyl portrait dolls for at least 20 years.  I have also long admired the Gene Marshall fashion dolls and recently was lucky enough to buy three.

Third shelf -- this is all porcelain dolls.  I had the Anne of Green Gables prior to my starting doll collecting in earnest.  The girl in the pink dress is named Scarlett and plays a Victorian waltz.

Bottom shelf.  The little girl on the left is a Garnet birthstone doll (January, my birth month).  The Caboodle organizer holds Jackie Kennedy's and Marilyn's extra outfits.  The girl in the green dress on the right is animatronic and plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and her head and arms move.  

This Liz Taylor is actually on a different shelf, but I decided to feature her here because she is a new acquisition and I like her a lot.

And this is Ellen, who was a gift from Sharon!  Like Liz Taylor, she has the loveliest violet eyes.

I counted my dolls the other night and I have 30.  So now I am determined to stop acquiring and enjoy what I have.  (Besides, I am out of shelf space.)  I don't know how successful I'll be since doll collecting is very addicting, so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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