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My collie collection (so far...)

I love collie dogs, and have ever since I was a little girl watching The New Lassie.  Unfortunately, I am not currently able to have a collie, mainly because I live next to a major highway and there is simply too much risk of puppo getting hit on the road and killed.  So I have decided to surround myself with lovely collie things!  I started collecting a few months back and so far have amassed a decent sized collection, most of it coming from local antique shops and thrift stores. Here is my collection! This antique collie cross-stitch came from eBay.  I do not have the patience to do cross-stitching myself, so it was nice to find one that was ready made.   This plush Lassie also came from eBay.  I believe she was a tie-in with The New Lassie TV series. This 1948 calendar came from a local antique store and is what "flipped the switch" on my collecting collie things.  All the months are intact on the calendar pad and I had it custom framed at my local framing shop.  Also on t