Rockin' the buzz


I recently buzzed my head!  How does it make me feel?  Strangely liberated.  I think that every woman should experience this at one point or another in their life.  It also feels great that it only takes about a minute to wash my hair now instead of the several minutes it took when my hair was long.

I used Remington clippers which come with a set of guards.  For this cut, I used a #1 (3 mm) guard.  I basically went around my entire head but I did have to enlist my mother to help me with the back.  I also have a pair of hair cutting scissors so once that was done I took the scissors and trimmed up any places I missed.

Other tips:  If you are buzzing your hair for the first time, go longer.  You can't replace hair that you've already cut but you can always go shorter if that's what you want.  Also, wear an old t-shirt.  You are going to be covered in picky little hairs, and that's annoying.  Doff the shirt once you're done cutting.  Finally, keep your clippers clean!  Most clippers come with a little brush for this purpose.

I think I am going to be keeping this look for a long time.  It'll be great for the hot summer months, and as I mentioned before, it is very low-maintenance.  

Viva le buzz!


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